High-speed Maritime Internet

Aecorlink is providing the maritime business with very fast dedicated broadband. Our visionary managers rely on the engineering and product development team to turn a sketch on the drawing board into a great product. The scope of expertise is as wide as the depth of their knowledge. Ranging from programming code, RF engineering, AV system design to advanced networking skills.

Service and support

Our round the clock Network Operations Center, with its support technicians and engineers, are fully qualified in the full range of services offered by us, to quickly classify requests based on the level of support required, along with state of the art monitoring and diagnostic tools that facilitate a timely detection, response and resolution of any incidents.

Internet Traffic Management (ITM)

Take control over the internet and the data usage! Connects individual devices like Smartphones, tablets or laptops.
- Letting individuals or groups use certain amount of (MB) data.

- Monitoring traffic and ‘Traffic shaping’.

- Charge the internet usage and get a tangible ROI.

- Setting alerts on the data usage.

- Create Passenger vouchers.

- Connect to your booking system and much more...

Accounting, Admin and Management

Flexible products and services need flexible administration and accounting. Our admin team of highly qualified members ensure that all the behind the scenes administrative processes run smoothly and seamlessly.