Aecorlink has thrived from being an innovator of maritime high-speed networks. Our visionary agenda relies on the engineering and product development team to turn a sketch on the drawing board into a great product. 
The scope of expertise is as wide as the depth of the knowledge. We have over the years developed, investigated and refined the technology resulting in the unique "patent pending" configuration that we possess today. 

The demand for fast and stable broadband in the shipping Industry is immense and AecorLink is set to fill this gap. We have today many proof of concepts and successful reference cases covering considerable distances.

No-one on the market achieves the same stable throughput over large distances as AecorLink manage to deliver.

Service & support - Our round the clock Network Operations Center, has support technicians and engineers who are fully qualified in the full range of services offered by us, to quickly classify requests based on the level of support required, along with state of the art monitoring and diagnostic tools that facilitate a timely detection, response and resolution of any incidents.